World Legislative Acts

World Legislative Acts


These acts of the Provisional World Parliament create a model, an ideal, and an emerging living reality all at once. They are a concrete quasi-legal reality under the very real authority of the Earth Constitution. Together they illuminate the kind of world we want to live in and need to live in if we are to survive and flourish on this Earth.

As such, they are part of an emerging Earth Federation movement and government that is liberating humankind into a decent future and a truly humane and civilized world economic and political system.

Their authority is the Constitution for the Federation of Earth, which, even without yet having ratification by the peoples of Earth, is more legitimate than any nation-state constitution, since the entire system of so-called “sovereign” nation-states has lost its legitimacy. No nation-state government on Earth is any longer legitimate, for no government can protect the ecological environment of its citizens, no government can prevent the massive pollution of its territory by a polluted Earth, no government can prevent war or end weapons of mass destruction or effectively deal with terrorism. And, perhaps most basically, no government can any longer practice genuine democracy, for all governments today are some form of oligarchy, militarized security state, or outright dictatorship.

The rationale that once justified nation-state governments has evaporated. The nations insist on lawlessness, and living in a lawless world, for they recognize no enforceable laws above themselves, preferring to remain in a condition of de facto war where power and might rule rather than law and justice. It is truly said that “there is no peace without justice, no justice without law, and no law without government.” By denying government over themselves, the nations of the world are simultaneously denying both peace and justice as well.

The world is left with the moral, practical, and legal necessity and legitimacy of uniting under the Earth Constitution, the only truly legitimate authority left on Earth. The Provisional World Parliament is actualizing the imperative, inherent in our human situation, for binding world law. This provisional world legislation serves as building blocks: elaborating, modeling, and extending the legitimacy, authority, and cogency of the emerging Earth Federation under the Earth Constitution.

Provisional World Legislative Acts (WLAs), while contributing to an emerging world legislative dimension of world culture, are not binding on the ratification process for the Earth Constitution, nor on the World Parliament once it becomes activated. The Earth Constitution will be ratified exclusively in its own terms in Articles 17 and 19. These legislative acts will be available to the newly assembled World Parliament to ratify or not as it choses.

List of World Legislative Acts

Provisional World Parliament Session One: Brighton, England, 1982:

  • World Legislative Act 1 (summary) — World Disarmament Agency. Prohibition of Weapons of Mass Destruction.
  • World Legislative Act 2 (summary) — Creation of the World Economic Development Organization (WEDO).
  • World Legislative Act 3 (summary) — Ownership, Administration and Development of the Oceans and Seabeds of Earth. Creation of the World Oceans and Seabeds’ Authority (in custody of the people of Earth, not sovereign nations, nor multinational corporations).
  • World Legislative Act 4 (summary) — Founding of the Graduate School of World Problems and the World University system.
  • World Legislative Act 5 (summary) — World Courts. Act for establishing Provisional World Courts under the authority of the World Supreme Court System and Article 19 of the Earth Constitution.

Provisional World Parliament Session Two: New Delhi, India, 1985:

Provisional World Parliament Session Three: Miami Beach, Florida, 1987:

  • World Legislative Act 9 (summary) — Global Ministry of Environment. Creation of the World Environment Ministry to deal with global problems of the planetary environment.
  • World Legislative Act 10 (summary) — World Hydrogen Energy System Authority. Creation of the World Hydrogen System Authority to research and construct clean energy systems based on hydrogen.
  • World Legislative Act 11 (summary) — Creation of the Earth Financial Credit Corporation as a division of the World Economic Development Organization (WEDO).

Provisional World Parliament Session Four and Five: Barcelona, Spain, 1996 and Malta, 2000:

Provisional World Parliament Session Six: Bangkok, Thailand, March 2003:

  • World Legislative Act 13 (summary) — World Peace Act. This act specifies in detail the range of activities connected with illegal WMDs that are punishable under law.
  • World Legislative Act 14 (summary) — World Security Act. Creates and elaborates the elements of the provisional world Enforcement System as this is defined under the Constitution.
  • World Legislative Act 15 (summary) — Human Rights Court. This act defines in detail the nature of the Human Rights Court that is part of the World Supreme Court system under the Earth Constitution.
  • World Legislative Act 16 (summary) — World Hydrocarbon Resource Act. Places the world’s hydrocarbon resources under the authority of the people of Earth.
  • World Legislative Act 17 (summary) — Creates the Commission for Legislative Review and defines its functions for legislation pending before sessions of the provisional World Parliament.
  • World Legislative Act 18 (summary) — World Revenue and Rules of Procedure for World Constituent Assembly. Creates the Provisional Office of World Revenue and defines its powers of taxation, etc.
  • Unanimous Parliamentary Resolution for a Protocol for a New Constituent Assembly.

Provisional World Parliament Session Seven: Chennai, India, December 2003:

  • World Legislative Act 19 (summary) — World Criminal Code Penalty Classification (World Penal Code). Establishes a World Criminal Code Penalty Classification system.
  • World Legislative Act 20 (summary) — World Criminal Case Bench. Creates a World Bench for Criminal Cases under the authority of the Earth Constitution.
  • World Legislative Act 21 (summary) — Creates a Department of World Patents and Intellectual Property Rights.
  • World Legislative Act 22 (summary) — The Equity Act. Defines the procedures by which the government of the Earth Federation will establish reasonable global equity among all persons within the Earth Federation. Limits the possible range in disparity of income. Establishes a living minimum wage for all persons. Creates procedures for determining the salary schedules for members of the World Parliament.
  • World Legislative Act 23 (summary) — Creates a Global Accounting and Auditing System.
  • World Legislative Act 24 (summary) — Defines procedures and rules of evidence for the World Bench on Criminal Cases.
  • World Legislative Act 25 (summary) — Records Preservation. Defines rules and laws for the preservation of provisional world government records.

Provisional World Parliament Session Eight: Lucknow, India, 2004:

  • World Legislative Act 26 (summary) — Education Act. Describes the broad requirements for all educational institutions receiving funding or support from the Earth Federation government.
  • World Legislative Act 27 (summary) — Child Rights Acts. Describes the rights of children and defines their limited degree of culpability for violations of world law.
  • World Legislative Act 28 (summary) — World Bench on Juvenile Cases. Creates and defines this bench of the World Supreme Court system.
  • World Legislative Act 29 (summary) — World Elections Act. World Boundaries and Elections Administration is complemented by the creation of a Global People’s Assembly system to encourage active citizen participation in the Earth Federation government.
  • World Legislative Act 30 (summary) — World Water Act. Defines water as belonging to the planet and as a right of every human being and other living beings. Articulates principles for fair access to water of high quality and reasonable quantity for everyone on Earth. Defines control of water systems that bridge national boundaries.

Provisional World Parliament Session Nine: Tripoli, Libya, 2006:

  • World Legislative Act 31 (summary) — World Ombudsmus Act. Creates the provisional World Ombudsmus and names the UN Commission on Human Rights to this branch of the Earth Federation government. Describes the extent and means of creating an effective human rights protection system for the people of Earth and defines its funding.
  • World Legislative Act 32 (summary) — Conflict Resolution Act. Creates a worldwide department of Conflict Resolution for the Earth Federation and outlines the methods, parameters, and obligations of this department to promote peace with justice everywhere on Earth.
  • World Legislative Act 33 (summary) — Fissile Production Ban. Bans the production of fissile materials for nuclear weapons or other explosive devices and outlines the scope and penalties of this planetary law.
  • World Legislative Act 34 (summary) — Nuclear Weapons Dismantling Procedure. Defines the scope of the ban on nuclear weapons and the obligations and methods for properly disposing of these weapons under law.
  • World Legislative Act 35 (summary) — Nuclear Contamination Act. Mandates the World Health Organization (WHO), now empowered with Earth Federation funding and global support, to analyze, review, and report on all radiation research in the world and to recommend health-based safety regulations.
  • World Legislative Act 36 (summary) — Quit Guantanamo Directive. Requires the U.S. to close it base in Guantanamo and, in consultation with the Cubans, convert the base to Earth Federation governmental territory.
  • World Legislative Act 37 (summary) — Agreement on World Federal Privileges and Immunities. The Parliament approved this memorandum to the Assembly of States Parties sponsoring the International Criminal Court, adapted from their own memorandum on privileges and immunities for the court but strengthened to those of a real court under a real constitution: the Constitution for the Federation of Earth.
  • World Legislative Act 38 (summary) — Public Utilities. This act allocates world federal budgets (in Earth Currency) to the several agencies of the emerging Earth Federation to empower their operation.

Provisional World Parliament Session Ten: Kara, Togo, 2007:

  • World Legislative Act 39 (summary) — Prohibition of Unauthorized Destruction of Illegal Financial Instruments. This law requires appropriate accounting, disposition and retirement of illegal securities (all war-making investments and securities) to the World Disarmament Agency office of the Earth Federation Funding Corporation. It specifies grace periods and appropriate penalties for non-compliance.
  • World Legislative Act 40 (summary) — Indemnity Bonds. Creates Indemnity Bonds to catalyze rapid divestment from bomb corporation stock, providing an economic incentive for individuals and corporations to convert their assets to non-weapons investments.
  • World Legislative Act 41 (summary) — Posting the Stock Law. Requires stock markets worldwide to recognize and post the laws banning weapons production and investment. Allows the enforcement system to list the corporations being investigated for possible non-compliance.
  • World Legislative Act 42 (summary) — Universal Guaranteed Annual Income. Defines the rules and parameters for a guaranteed annual income for all adults within the Earth Federation in relation to income, job loss, age, etc.

Provisional World Parliament Session Eleven: Nainital, India, 2009:

  • World Legislative Act 43 — Human Trafficking Prohibition. Defines and prohibits both local and international trafficking in human beings.
  • World Legislative Act 44 — Nonviolent Civil Disobedience Act. Directs world courts in cases of arrest for civil disobedience to take the reasons for the civil disobedience into account.
  • World Legislative Act 45 — Bureaucratic Efficiency Act. Establishes an office within the World Ombudsmus for reducing red tape in government agencies and for streamlining efficiency in the light of justice, peace, and the welfare of individuals throughout the Earth Federation.
  • World Legislative Act 46 — Clandestine Operations Prohibition Act. Prohibits clandestine paramilitary operations for the Earth Federation and all governments within the Federation. Prohibits government secrecy that provides impunity for violations of law.
  • World Legislative Act 47 (summary) — International Integration Act. Integrates United Nations agencies as well as national embassies and consulates worldwide into the Earth Federation system. Provides transition training and incentives.

Provisional World Parliament Session Twelve: Kolkata, India, 2010:

  • World Legislative Act 48 — Collegium of World Judges Act. Activates the provisional Collegium of World Judges to develop the world court system and begin a process of advocating and dispensing judgments under the authority of the Earth Constitution.
  • World Legislative Act 49 — Shipbreaking Code. Sets the environmental and worker safety regulations for this currently very dangerous and environmentally destructive industry.
  • World Legislative Act 50 — Nuclear Power Plant Decommission Fund. Defines decommissioning parameters in the case of accidents or failures of nuclear facilities and the parameters for systematic decommissioning of all currently running plants within the Earth Federation as well as negotiations for nuclear facilities in countries outside the Federation.
  • World Legislative Act 51 — Economic Prosperity Act. Defines necessary changes to the current world economic system to create sustainability and prosperity, prohibits financial speculation without productive value, and defines the parameters for converting all banking to a public utility for the people of Earth.
  • World Legislative Act 52 — Democracy Enhancement through Corporation Personhood Prohibition Act. Abolishes the legal status of “personhood” for all corporations and places all private corporations under the oversight of the Ministry of Commerce and Trade of the Earth Federation. Limits the uses of private wealth to unduly buy or influence elections or other political processes.

Provisional World Parliament Session Thirteen: Lucknow, India, 2013:

  • World Legislative Act 53 — Transition Process for National Governments Joining the Earth Federation. This act is intended to work out the details to make transition to Earth Federation Membership as smooth as possible. It provides for nations, in consultation with Earth Federation officials, to work out a timetable, an analysis of constitutional arrangements and procedures, economic integration, etc.
  • World Legislative Act 54 — Remedies and Corrections Act.
  • World Legislative Act 55 — Surveillance Limitations Act. This act prohibits the world government from using surveillance without a warrant, from embedding surveillance chips or equipment in consumer productions without the written consent of the consumer, and from any use of surveillance for political control or censorship purposes.
  • World Legislative Act 56 — Crowd Dispersal Ban. This legislative act protects the right of people to assemble. It bans the police dispersal of crowds through dangerous or potentially lethal means, including the use of tear gas. In many places on Earth, people’s right to assemble is being threatened by police dispersal of crowds gathered to protest injustices. This act protects our fundamental human right to protest.
  • World Legislative Act 57 — Collegium of World Legislators. This act sets up training in dialogue directed toward mutual understanding and nonviolent communication skills for all members of the World Parliament (once the Constitution comes into effect), including all three houses: Peoples, Nations, and Counsellors. It also promotes ways and arrangements to maximize good communication among these 1,500 or so members of the World Parliament, who will be from all religions, all cultures, all nations, and all races.
  • World Legislative Act 58 — Neonictinoid Ban. This act bans the manufacture and distribution of the main chemical that is believed to be killing bee populations around the world. If the bees die, we die.
  • World Legislative Act 59 — Truth and Reconciliation Commissions Act. This act sets up, under the Agency of the World Ombudsmus, worldwide truth and reconciliation commissions, working with local groups in conflict, to pacify conflicts everywhere on Earth and minimize the temptation to resort to violence.
  • World Legislative Act 60 — Paid Informant Ban. This legislative act addresses police corruption. It bans the use of paid informants by government officials attempting to win cases against suspected lawbreakers. This ban addresses the widespread corruption, found in courtrooms around the world, in which government agents essentially pay people to give false testimony in order to secure convictions against those who may well be innocent.
  • World Legislative Act 61 — Fracking Ban. This legislative act bans the terrible practice of fracking, which is widely known to destroy the Earth and pollute fresh water supplies wherever it is used for mining operations.
  • World Legislative Act 62 — Fission Power Generation Closure. This act closes all fission power plants and generation and mandates procedures for converting to sustainable and safe forms of energy generation.
  • World Legislative Act 63 — Cooperative Communities Empowerment Act. This act mandates the Earth Federation Government to support the development of cooperative, democratically run, sustainable communities worldwide, helping the world convert from the nightmare of unrestrained capitalism and undemocratic nation-state sovereignty to local, sustainable, regenerative communities.
  • Various amendments to earlier acts were also passed:
    • Amendment to WLA 29, striking allowance for private funding of campaigns for public office to the Earth Federation.
    • Amendment to annex of WLA 29, World Regions, to designate state of Haryana, India, to pertain to World Region 14, instead of World Region 12.
    • Amendment to change name of World Central Bank to World Public Bank. (Various locations in world legislation.)
    • Amendment to WLA 11, Article 15, for a World Federation Point System as a supplementary system of Earth Federation compensation.
    • 2013 World Federal Budget.
    • Parliament Declaration of Hope and Justice.

Provisional World Parliament Session Fourteen: Kolkata, India, 2015:

Provisional World Parliament Session Fifteen: New Delhi, India, 2021

  • Parliament Resolution for an Actualization Protocol for the Earth Federation (this resolution was sent to committee ahead of the 16th session of the Parliament)
  • A Bill for an Act: World Legislative Act Number 69: World Federal Powers of Arrest (this bill was sent to committee ahead of the 16th session of the Parliament)