Creating an Inclusive Coalition for Success

Preparatory for the Provisional World Parliament that will convene its Sixteen Session (PWP16)

(December 7-10, 2025 • Pondicherry, India, and online)

RATIONALE FOR THE PWP16: We envision a broad and inclusive session of the Parliament. This historic event will establish a permanent Secretariat and elect officers for the Provisional World Government (PWG)—including its Presidium of five world executives. The Coalition members who support the PWP16—including world federalists leaders or heads of peace, justice, and environmental groups—will be considered prime candidates for election to PWG positions along with other nominees from all continents of the world. The newly elected Secretariat and PGW officials will thereupon be vested with a new level of legitimate authority over world affairs, thus bridging the present divide between today’s struggling global civil society sector and this newly seated (provisional) world governing body. In the aftermath of PWP16, we believe there will be a worldwide recognition that something transformative has been initiated through this diverse cooperation of visionary participants from all over our planet. These pioneers will utilize the Earth Constitution as a means—either as a blueprint or a more general template—for developing a constitutional, democratic, and just world system that will one day be ratified worldwide.

VISION FOR THE CAMPAIGN: The World Democracy Campaign (WDC)envisions an international coalition whose leaders, events, programs, and funds turn the Sixteenth Provisional World Parliament (PWP16) into a history-making success.

IMMEDIATE OBJECTIVES: Our first two objectives are to assemble a broad coalition that will consist of (1) the Convener Coalition (CC) and (2) the Supporter Coalition (SC). Over the next 16 months, these two groups will then build momentum toward PWP16 success by (3) helping found many more World Electoral Districts and (4) by raising at least $100,000. To achieve these goals, we will recruit Coalition members, convene monthly Coalition meetings, fund and create at least two World Democracy Summits, and organize seminars and fundraisers directed at world citizen activists everywhere, thereby creating a bandwagon effect toward a successful PWP16.

LONG-TERM OBJECTIVES: Other than these four immediate core objectives, we aim to galvanize world attention to our efforts to (1) organize World Electoral Districts on each continent, (2) provide a model for the future World Parliament, (3) seat the world Secretariat, (4) elect the senior officers of the Provisional World Government, and (5) enroll the first few nations in the world to become Earth Constitution ratifiers.



Create a “Convener Coalition” (CC) of world federalist organizations that fully commit to collaborate, ratify, share e-lists, and fundraise.

A. The following are provisions of a Memorandum of Understanding between ECI and each member of the CC:

Whereas, our organization fully ratifies the Earth Constitution and agrees to state that fact publicly.

Whereas, we endorse the rationale, vision, and mission for the Convener Coalition (CC) by Earth Constitution Institute (ECI) and the World Constitution and Parliament Association (WCPA), which is intended to lead to full activation of the Coalition.

Whereas, we acknowledge that ECI/WCPA spearheads this initiative and acts as its sole convener for the first three months of the CC’s work until the moment of “activation of the Coalition,” and we further understand that each CC member has one vote, with all decisions requiring a majority vote.

Whereas, “activation of the Coalition” means that each CC member organization agrees to unite in coalition as a confederation and that each member shall implement decisions wholeheartedly according to their strengths and capacities. We recognize that decisions are obligatory but not subject to enforcement.

B. We therefore agree to carry out the following actions:

  1. Send one voting representative to at least three monthly Coalition online meetings beginning  in late June to help create strategies and tactics of the World Democracy Campaign (WDC), and we also agree that, at any time, new organizational members may be added to the CC by majority vote.
  2. Send at least one delegate in person to PWP16, with expenses supported by the Coalition if available.
  3. Agree to launch at least one new World Electoral District in the next 15 months.
  4. Pledge to fully participate in the World Democracy Summits, seminars, and fundraisers or other CC events.
  5. Utilize our member list(s) to announce all CC initiatives, events, and coalition news, and that we will communicate these announcements in multiple ways and venues.
  6. Agree to solicit our membership to donate on dates agreed to by the Campaign and to otherwise participate in all CC fundraisers.

Organizations that have already agreed to CC membership with more to follow:

      1. Earth Constitution Institute (ECI) and World Constitution and Parliament Assoc. (WCPA).
      2. World Citizen Government (WSA)
      3. Democratic World Federalists (DWF)
      4. Mexican Center for Global Responsibility (CEMERG)
      5. Club of Budapest–Australia


Build a “Supporter Coalition” (SC) that agrees on basic principles, attends the World Democracy Summits, and may elect to join in the CC’s other activities.

Proposed provisions of a general agreement with each member of the SC:

Our organization will consider future ratification of the Earth Constitution, and at this time we will agree to the general principles underlying the ideal of creating a democratic world federation whose constitution resembles that of the EC or something similar.

  • We will consider sending a non-voting observer to CC meetings and promise to keep current on its decisions and activities.
  • We pledge to participate fully in the World Democracy Summits and will consider participation in other WDC activities.
  • We agree to send a voting representative to the online broadcast of PWP16.
  • We agree that new members may be added to the SC by majority vote.
  • We will consider utilizing our member list to announce the CC’s initiatives, events, and announcements and may solicit our membership to donate toward the Campaign.


Launch and seed-fund five model WEDs, one on each inhabited continent, and use these model WEDs as exemplars for founding 100 WEDs

  1. “All politics is local.” Rather than spreading ourselves thin by launching WEDs randomly across the global landscape, the Coalition will provide a point of focus for each continent—almost like its capital city. This city is where the “model WED” for that continent would be located. This model WED will be provided with seed funding or loans, after which it would begin to self-fund.
  2. The model WEDs on each continent will become a center for training WED activists from all over the continent and then sending them home to organize a WED in their area. Also, each model WED will send emissaries out to areas in the continent ripe for organizing. For example, the “model WED” in the Washington DC region (District 118) could become a training ground for WEDs throughout North America.
  3. We are nominating Presidium officers in each of five inhabited continents, and it follows that each continent should have at least one WED. At the moment, there are WEDs in Latin America (Venezuela), North America (in Washington DC), and several in Asia, but none in the other two continents: Africa and Europe. We will focus especially on the latter two continents.


Raise operating funds for the Coalition’s activities of at least $100,000
that will be deposited in a separate Coalition bank account

The Coalition agrees to collaborate as a team in fundraising for the Coalition’s own expenses. Authorization for use of these funds must come from meetings of Coalition members. All CC members agree to fully participate in each funding drive, whereas SC members participate at their discretion. Below is a tentative description for the donor levels for meeting this objective.

Planetary Patron       ($50,000 to $100,000+)

Earth Ambassador     ($10,000 to $49,999)

World Changer          ($5,000 to $9,999)

Global Guardian        ($1,000 to $4,999)

Donor’s Circle members enjoy the following benefits:

  1. Membership on ECI’s Special Advisory Board.
  2. Entrance to Donor’s Circle Ball at PWP16.
  3. Non-voting observer status at the PWP16.
  4. Masthead listing on PWP16 documents.
  5. Receive a Donor’s Circle Certificate.


Victory Partner          ($500 to $999)

Immediate: Curate WFO lists for CC and SC; finalize language for CC and SC agreements and individually approach key WFOs to invite them to join
June 25: First monthly meeting of the Convener Coalition (CC), with meetings to be held every fourth Tuesday at 9am Eastern USA time at this link:

Success Partner       ($100 to $499)
Partner in Hope
       ($25 to $99)

Calendar of Events—World Democracy Campaign: Forthcoming soon!

In sum, this document presents a coherent yet visionary plan for initiating Provisional World Government with the participation of concerned citizens from around the globe. Together we can make it happen.