June 13, 2024
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World Citizens: Universal Servers

Leopoldo Alberto Cook Antonorsi



“He who does not live to serve, is not useful to live.”

Martin Luther King

“As long as a person does not voluntarily put himself in last place, there is no salvation for him… To serve, what is needed is love, not prestige.”

Mahatma Gandhi

“Whoever wants to be the most important among you, let him become the servant of all, and whoever wants to be the first, let him become the servant of all.”

Jesus of Nazareth.

Those of us who work to make a federated, democratic, peace world government a reality, with a world-centric, even holistic vision, consider ourselves servants of others.

If we have had the good fortune to achieve a world vision in line with the new civilizational times that are coming, we must give thanks for that opportunity, for the circumstances, teachings, teachers, experiences, that have led us to have that ability to think and put put those ideas into practice.

We do not work because we have a title, a position of responsibility. Gandhi shied away from all this, and only humbly accepted it as a responsibility, being very careful not to turn these recognitions into an opportunity for the benefit of himself or his people.

What we call ego, that part of “us” that tries to name itself as our “person”, is nourished by recognition, by titles. We tend to define ourselves by the degrees of “knowledge” we have achieved, by the profession, by the academic or honorary titles, by the suits we wear, by the assets we own, by the fame we achieve. We are none of that.

The wise Nisargadata, from India, expresses it very well in his work “I Am That”. Like layers of an onion, he calls us to let go of what we are not, until we reach the Being, the essence.

True greatness is being useful. The ego thing is “grandiosity.” True humility is being great to be useful. False humility is pretending to be “something” to be useful. Simón Bolívar said it like this: “We can all be great, because we can all be useful.”

Detachment, to material goods, to the achievement of action, to relationships, is a practice, spiritual if you will, through which we go through in order to be useful.

Detachment from material things does not mean not possessing or using material objects. On the contrary, use them like someone who thinks that his happiness depends on them, but without allowing happiness to be dependent on having them.

Detachment from the achievement of action does not lead us to immobility. On the contrary, it is required to be very active in achieving goals, at the service of oneself and others, like someone who believes that their happiness depends on achievements, but without letting ourselves be tied to them. If the achievement is obtained, grateful; If it is not obtained, still grateful for the learning.

Detachment from relationships does not mean stopping being with people. On the contrary, the “Good Leader” has thousands of relationships with many people, like the one who believes that his happiness depends on it. But knowing that happiness is within us, it is not due to any other person.

The “Good Leader” is recognized by this ability to be useful, by his humility, by his real detachment, by having his “ego” in his place. He knows that giving is receiving, he expects nothing in return for his voluntary work.

These are the leaders who are building the World Electoral Districts, the fundamental base structure for the government of the people, under the World Constitution for the Federation of the Earth.