What can I do?

What can I do?  Action Protocol for “Global Citizen” (WCPA) members

Registration and Recruitment, the very important first steps:

(1) Register on either of our websites as a world citizen and receive an ID number.

(2) Recruit at least two others to also register and begin a World District Electoral Commission (at least 3 members).

(3) The Commission’s goal is to promote world citizen registration in their District. Hold regular meetings of the Commission. Maintain regular contact with World Headquarters. Find ways to raise funds on behalf of your Commission.

(4) World headquarters will be setting up secure online voting for each world citizen registered. Be sure to monitor this and be ready to take advantage of it.

(5) World headquarters will be organizing elections for delegates to the PWP and referendums, etc.  Look for announcements about this so that you can participate.

(6) Electoral Commissions in each district will establish goals for the systematic increase in the number of registered voters, keeping a database of voters and engaging in regular communications with the voters within your district.

The Electoral Commission as a Ratification Commission

The goal of people organized under the Earth Constitution in each World District is to promote ratification of the Constitution under the criteria given in Article 17 and to help establish Provisional World Government under the criteria given in Article 19.  This involves many possible different activities, such as:

(1) Promote name recognition and awareness of the Earth Constitution. Systematically mention it on social media, Twitter, Facebook, websites, etc.

(2) Introduce the Earth Constitution to political, educational, and community leaders in the área where you live.

(3) Carry out your own job activities in the name of the Earth Constitution, and place the WCPA logo on walls, tee shirts, websites, etc.

(4) Form study groups of the Earth Constitution.  Each global citizen should be aware of how the Earth Federation government will work once it is established.

(5) The World Parliament Academy will be offering courses online to study the Constitution as well as world problems in relation to the Constitution. You can participate in these courses.

(6) You should be able to answer questions about how the Earth Federation government will work.

  • (6.1) What are the human rights assured in Articles 12 and 13?
  •   (6.2) What is the unique role of the Ombudsmus as outlined in Article 11?
  • (6.3) How will world law be made?   How will it be enforced?
  • (6.4) How can amendments be made under the Constitution?
  • (6.5) What are its provisions for environmental protection?
  • (6.6) Why is there no danger that the world government will become a tyranny?
  • (6.7) What functions will the Integrative Complex perform?
  • (6.8) What are the specific powers of the Earth Federation government listed in Article 4?  What are the “broad functions” listed in Article 1?

(7) Under Article 19, global citizens who ratify the Earth Constitution are empowered to begin “provisional world government.”  What has WCPA done throughout its history to make this happen?  How can you participate in the development of provisional world government from within your district?