What can I do?

What Can I Do?
Action Protocol for Earth Constitution Supporters
Ratify and recruit, the important first steps:

(1) If you have studied the Earth Constitution (EC) and feel moved to support the creation of a democratic world federation under its authority, ratify the EC by registering as a Global Citizen at this link.

(2) Consider founding a new World District Electoral if one does not yet exist in your immediate region. Contact us to find out about the boundaries of your District, and learn more about the crucial role of Districts at this link.

(3) Once you feel committed, recruit at least two others in your locality to follow your lead in founding a local District (at least 3 founding members are required).

(4) Help your new recruits register and ratify, and then launch your World District Electoral in a public event. We will provide promotional materials and a speaker via zoom or in person.

(5) Once you have founded your new District, find out how to become certified and apply to receive your official certification.

(6) Maintain regular contact with us. Work with ECI headquarters on programs to build membership and raise funds to grow your District.

(7) Build world democracy in your locality! Register hundreds and later thousands of new Global Citizens. Hold monthly meetings to educate and inspire your members; develop new organizers, speakers, and leaders to support your efforts.

(8) Look for announcements so you can participate when World headquarters begins organizing elections for delegates to the Provisional World Parliament (PWP) and for national referendums to ratify the Constitution.

(9)  Run for office in your District, or declare yourself a candidate for your District’s delegate to the next PWP.

(10) Establish broad goals for the systematic increase in the number of registered voters, keeping a database of voters and engaging in regular communications with the voters within your district.

Your Ultimate Goal:
Build Provisional World Government
Do so by contributing to universal ratification 

The goal of each World District is to promote ratification of the Constitution under the criteria given in Article 17, and to help establish Provisional World Government under Article 19.  In addition to the above activities to promote your District, you can support our broader goals through activities such as these:

(1) Promote name recognition and awareness of the Earth Constitution online in social media, Twitter, Facebook, websites, and in your own podcast series or websites.

(2) Personally introduce the Earth Constitution to political, educational, religious, and community leaders in your District—and eventually work to gain support by the national leaders in your country.

(3) Form study groups to learn how the Earth Constitution solves world problems. Use these groups to build comaraderie and grow a progressive local movement for peace, equality, and justice under the rule of global law.

(4) Master the Earth Constitution. You should be able to answer questions like these about how the Earth Federation government will work.

  • What are the human rights assured in Articles 12 and 13?
  • What is the unique role of the Ombudsmus as outlined in Article 11?
  • How will world law be made?   How will it be enforced?
  • How can amendments be made under the Constitution?
  • What are its provisions for environmental protection?
  • Why is there no danger that the world government will become a tyranny?
  • What functions will the Integrative Complex perform?
  • What are the specific powers of the Earth Federation government listed in Article 4?

Under Article 19, global citizens who ratify the Earth Constitution are empowered to begin Provisional World Government. Begin to envision this goal, and become a dedicated leader to universal ratification and the seating one day of our democratic world government.