March 12, 2022
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The map of the world below was made three decades ago by WCPA leaders concerned to identify the 20 world regions called for by the Earth Constitution and, within them, the 1000 World Electoral and Administrative Districts that will contribute elected representatives to the House of Peoples within the World Parliament.

The chart below shows their early attempt to assign number blocks to regions and continents within the governmental framework of the Earth Constitution:

Both of these pictures are photos taken from the book Emerging World Law edited by Eugenia Almand and Glen T. Martin (2009). Today, we are completing and updating the process they began. We will soon have all 1000 WEADs defined and will upload the new maps on this site and at www.wcpa.global. Within each of these districts, we are registering people as Global Citizens under the Earth Constitution and assigning a permanent ID number that links each person to one WEAD and provides secure on-line voting for those registered.

We expect that the 16th session of the PWP, set for spring of 2023, will include some elected representatives from a number of these World Electoral Districts. WCPA’s mission is to activate and empower the Provisional World Parliament on the way to the final ratification and implementation of the Earth Constitution. We are now acting emphatically within that role. You can sign up for a Global Citizen ID number under the Earth Constitution at www.wcpa.global or at www.earthconstitution.world.


  • A remarkable development, for Earthlings to decide that collective stewardship of the Earth ship is possible.

  • And the basis of the Constitution of the Earth becomes the Fifth socio-economic formation “Noospheric mode of production (Noospherism)”
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