Twelve Simple Reasons Why We Need to Ratify the Constitution for the Federation of Earth

Twelve Simple Reasons Why We Need to Ratify the Constitution for the Federation of Earth

#1. Replaces the global war system with a global peace system.

World peace is established by bringing all peoples and nations under a democratic World Parliament established on the principle of unity in diversity. All voices are heard. Justice is impartially administered by world courts. Mutual understanding and tolerance are encouraged.

#2. Disarmageddon.

Weapons of mass destruction are eliminated from the world and the most destructive and dangerous of other modern weapons are carefully and fairly reduced to make the world a safe and happy home for humanity.

#3. Replaces the “new world order” with a democratic world order.

Rogue nations and big nations no longer dominate and manipulate smaller nations. Terrorism and the use of violence are replaced with democratic processes that treat everyone fairly, with justice and equality. By doing this hatred and resentment are greatly reduced.

#4. Saves beneficial United Nations agencies.

All beneficial UN agencies, such as the World Health Organization, the High Commission on Human Rights and the Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization are brought under the Earth Constitution as ministries within the Earth Federation and empowered with adequate funding.

#5. Protects core values — freedom, liberty, independence, democracy.

The core values of a free society are protected for each and every nation. Freedom, liberty, independence and democracy are empowered for all because nations no longer have to restrict freedom because of insecurity and threats from a dangerous world of hostile nations or cultures.

#6. Love of family and country.

Love of family and country are encouraged within a framework that makes this possible for all peoples and nations. These values now become strongly positive and no longer generate the feeling that love of my family and country puts me in conflict with others around the world.

#7. More local control with increased resources.

Local economics, local democratic governance, and local culture is encouraged worldwide under the Earth Constitution because they are the keys to freedom, economic prosperity, and ecological sustainability. The “federation” principle, means local government and local control within the larger democratic Earth Federation.

#8. Freedom of religion.

Freedom of religion is guaranteed for all within a framework of tolerance, mutual respect, and love.

#9. First green constitution.

The Earth Constitution is designed to protect the planetary environment and permit human beings to flourish while protecting the environment and the ability of future generations to enjoy the Earth as a happy home.

#10. Ecological principles embedded in Earth Constitution.

The Earth Constitution is based on the understanding that all aspects of the environment are interrelated and interdependent, just as all societies on Earth are interrelated and interdependent. It protects both the ecology of the Earth and the social ecology of human well being under the principle of unity in diversity.

#11. Good government.

The Earth Constitution is designed to promote good government at every level within the Earth Federation. Corrupt government officials can be removed for cause, and a professional civil service with high qualifications ensures competent officials at every level of government.

#12. Protection against tyranny.

The Earth Constitution is designed with careful checks and balances to ensure that tyranny cannot develop. It promotes active citizenship and informed citizens throughout the Earth Federation, which is the best defense against any possible tyranny. It is premised on a carefully designed liberty, equality, and community for all the people living on Earth.