Sign the Earth Constitution

September 9, 2020
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Sign the Earth Constitution

UPDATE: Please visit our new page to sign the Earth Constitution. If you wish to leave a comment about the document, you may do so below.

The Earth Constitution Institute invites everyone in the world who agrees with our plan for a world government, as described in the Constitution for the Federation of Earth, to sign the document by leaving a comment on this page.

Show your support for this important cause! Sign the Earth Constitution today! Please post your name and your place of residence (city or town, state or province, and country).

A Pledge of Allegiance to the Federation of Earth

(adopted by the Provisional World Parliament)

I pledge allegiance to the Constitution for the Federation of Earth,
And to the Republic of free world citizens for which it stands,

One Earth Federation, protecting by law the rich diversity of the Earth’s citizens,
One Earth Federation, protecting the precious ecology of our planet.

I pledge allegiance to the World Parliament representing all nations and peoples,
And to the democratic processes by which it proceeds,

One law for the Earth, with freedom and equality for all,
One standard of justice, with a bill of rights protecting each.

I pledge allegiance to the future generations protected by the Earth Constitution,

And to the unity, integrity, and beauty of humankind, living in harmony on the Earth,
One Earth Federation, conceived in love, truth, and hope, with peace and prosperity for all.


    • I agree and support.

  • My undergraduate degree led me to a strikingly similar conclusion as to the necessity of Earth Citizenship and a United People of Earth. Now that I have found the Earth Constitution Institute, I am prepared to dedicate my life to championing its vision. I Declare Myself a Citizen of Earth, and I Pledge My Mind, Body, and Spirit to the Sacred Struggle to Emancipate Humanity and Heal our Precious Earth. Peace and Love to all.

  • An Artisan HumaniTerra
    Sincerely, with benevolence in collaborative solidarity to foster thrivability of humanity on our planet Earth, the nurturing of a culture of peace for individual flourishment, while promoting the need to ensure, via effective participatory democracies, prosperity of generations present and future.

  • Estoy totalmente de acuerdo si apoyo este movimiento

  • Support

  • I have full faith in earth constitution.I stand for complete change of UN charter,specially UNSC.

  • I support

  • I’m an Earth Pilgrim. Yes, I support this vision. And May Love Prevail on Earth.
    🌍️ It is time to care for Earth 🌎️ Being an Earth Pilgrim 🌏️ Earthlings family 🌎️ Otro mundo es posible 🌍️ Stewards of the Earth 🌍️ The Whole Earth Is My True Body 🌍️ One Community (for the highest good of all) 🌍️ Gaia, our home

  • I support this noble vision.

  • I support, inspired by Humanity Rising’s Peace Lab week. Thank you.

  • I am glad to see fair and indifferent rights supported.

  • I support this vision towards a one world holistic and socially democratic government to serve the needs of all people equally within the respect for mother earth and all living things. I agree that we must end militarized nation states and embrace a peaceful respect for the diversity in peoples and all life.

  • I support One World vision

  • I believe in a One Nation Earth. A Global Federation of Nations.
    Kingdom of Earth declared in a letter to H.M. Queen Elizabeth II in 1984/85.
    A world government and international cooperation between the nation’s of Earth can make a difference.