Sign the Earth Constitution

September 9, 2020
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Sign the Earth Constitution

UPDATE: Please visit our new page to sign the Earth Constitution. If you wish to leave a comment about the document, you may do so below.

The Earth Constitution Institute invites everyone in the world who agrees with our plan for a world government, as described in the Constitution for the Federation of Earth, to sign the document by leaving a comment on this page.

Show your support for this important cause! Sign the Earth Constitution today! Please post your name and your place of residence (city or town, state or province, and country).

A Pledge of Allegiance to the Federation of Earth

(adopted by the Provisional World Parliament)

I pledge allegiance to the Constitution for the Federation of Earth,
And to the Republic of free world citizens for which it stands,

One Earth Federation, protecting by law the rich diversity of the Earth’s citizens,
One Earth Federation, protecting the precious ecology of our planet.

I pledge allegiance to the World Parliament representing all nations and peoples,
And to the democratic processes by which it proceeds,

One law for the Earth, with freedom and equality for all,
One standard of justice, with a bill of rights protecting each.

I pledge allegiance to the future generations protected by the Earth Constitution,

And to the unity, integrity, and beauty of humankind, living in harmony on the Earth,
One Earth Federation, conceived in love, truth, and hope, with peace and prosperity for all.


    • I agree and support.

  • My undergraduate degree led me to a strikingly similar conclusion as to the necessity of Earth Citizenship and a United People of Earth. Now that I have found the Earth Constitution Institute, I am prepared to dedicate my life to championing its vision. I Declare Myself a Citizen of Earth, and I Pledge My Mind, Body, and Spirit to the Sacred Struggle to Emancipate Humanity and Heal our Precious Earth. Peace and Love to all.

  • An Artisan HumaniTerra
    Sincerely, with benevolence in collaborative solidarity to foster thrivability of humanity on our planet Earth, the nurturing of a culture of peace for individual flourishment, while promoting the need to ensure, via effective participatory democracies, prosperity of generations present and future.

  • Estoy totalmente de acuerdo si apoyo este movimiento

  • Support

  • I have full faith in earth constitution.I stand for complete change of UN charter,specially UNSC.

  • I support

  • I’m an Earth Pilgrim. Yes, I support this vision. And May Love Prevail on Earth.
    🌍️ It is time to care for Earth 🌎️ Being an Earth Pilgrim 🌏️ Earthlings family 🌎️ Otro mundo es posible 🌍️ Stewards of the Earth 🌍️ The Whole Earth Is My True Body 🌍️ One Community (for the highest good of all) 🌍️ Gaia, our home

  • I support this noble vision.

  • I support, inspired by Humanity Rising’s Peace Lab week. Thank you.

  • I am glad to see fair and indifferent rights supported.

  • I support this vision towards a one world holistic and socially democratic government to serve the needs of all people equally within the respect for mother earth and all living things. I agree that we must end militarized nation states and embrace a peaceful respect for the diversity in peoples and all life.

  • I support One World vision

  • I believe in a One Nation Earth. A Global Federation of Nations.
    Kingdom of Earth declared in a letter to H.M. Queen Elizabeth II in 1984/85.
    A world government and international cooperation between the nation’s of Earth can make a difference.

  • I believe in the unity of the world. A world government and support the vision towards a one world holistic and socially democratic government to serve the needs of all people equally within the respect for mother earth ad all living things. I agree that we must end militarized nation states and embrace a peaceful respect for the diversity in peoples and all life.

  • Человечеству нужна революционная трансформация мировой системы зла в систему, основанную на жизни, а не на смерти. И Конституция Земли содержит ненасильственное революционное руководство по освобождению человека. Она причинно включает в свой ареал жизне-способные институты ООН. Поэтому мы должны изучать её, продвигать, организовываться вокруг неё и исходить из её предпосылок в нашей практической деятельности.

  • Конкретным инструментом решения проблем взаимопонимания наций, народов, конфессий и культур между собой, то есть своеобразным кодовым расшифровщиком является Общая Семантика в виде Конституции Федерации Земли. Написанная и доработанная в течение двадцати трех лет с 1968 по 1991 год Конституция Федерации Земли предлагает конкретное видение и пути выхода из создавшегося предкатастрофического состояния цивилизации. Ключевые принципы Общей Семантики необходимо знать всем, кто хочет выбрать «красную таблетку» и выйти из «матрицы», чтобы увидеть мир по-новому. Общая семантика – пока недооцененная дисциплина, а между тем ее изучение необходимо любому человеку. Общую семантику определяют как общую теорию оценки фактов, отношений, ощущений и реакций. Это систематическая методология, которая помогает понять, как каждый из нас относится к окружающей среде, реагирует на мир и свои реакции на мир и людей. Глобальная семантика ноосферы – это научно обоснованный путь к сохранению, устойчивому развитию человечества, организации разумного жизнеустройства на Земле, одухотворённого идеей добра и сохранения среды человеческой жизни, живого интеллекта поколений.

  • Soy miembro de la Junta Directiva de la FAEF (Federacion Alliance of European Federalists)y estamos trabajando con una Convencion Ciudadana que debate desde el 2 de octubre 2021 la Constitucion para la futura Union Europea Federal. A partir de Junio 2022 esta Constitucion se entregara a los gobiernos y parlamentos de todos los Estados europeos con el fin que pongan la Constitucion a referendum para que los ciudadanos puedan ratificar la Constitucion. Los Estados que aprueben la Constitucion en Referendeum seran los fundadores de la Union Europa Federal y los Estados que la rechacen quedaran fuera. Exactamente tal como ocurrio con la fundacion de los Estados Unidos de America que algunas Estados la rechazaron pero mas tarde se adhirieron a la Federacion. Asi esta previsto que ocurra en Europa. Despues de lograr este objetivo el camino estara mas claro para acometer la futura Constitucion de la Tierra. La Humanidad necesita una Constitucion para la futura Federacion mundial donde la paz sea la divisa mas preciada y las guerras estaran prohibidas..!!

  • While we face so many challenges, an Earth constitution is the only way out of them, including perils.

    At the same time, a more independent judiciary & world ombudsman, to prevent politicisation, is needed, conforming of the Magna charter for judges.

  • I fully support this proposal for an Earth constitution. It has always been the best solution to overcome any challenges, especially those we face today, together, and to prevent any superpowers from dictating the direction of our Earth, that we currently have.

    At the same time, amendments to guarantee a fully independent judiciary, composed of the Magna charter of judges, also for the world ombudsman, composed of human rights professors, experts etc:

  • We need a global social contract that exists in accordance with the Constitution for all nations and peoples of the Federation of the Earth to strengthen and harmonize our planetary alignment and interconnection in a way that will protect and respect our diversity, our freedom and our future.

  • The Earth Federation Constitution is now published in a Russian magazine and in Russian! CONSTITUTION OF THE FEDERATION OF THE EARTH // Noosphere. Society. Person. – 2022. – No. 1;

  • I am very glad to understand and join the Earth Constitution and wish to know how to save the Earth in all means because its too late and the age of Earth (Our Mother) is Past Middle age crucial times ahead to face we all…

  • We must share to all people in the earth

  • No solutions to the VUCA Architecture controlled by the Western Oligarchs,thereby manipulating,exploiting,traumatizing, committing genocide over centuries till now eg Ukraine intervention & the 26 skirmishes Globally.Under the garb of Democracy protected by the created Institution 82 + years back after the 2 WW as UN & its hordes of bodies,WB,IFC,Security Council are all for the WESTERN World led by the WASP at 14 Maddi son Avenue protection & insecurity to loot till eternity from the 8 billion.None will take to task China for the launch of CCP Viruses.Only pane ca is as Dr Martin says OMNI POLARITY or VASUDEVA KTUMBAH as we have in INDIA.The whole Universe is our extended family so why the Gun tottering,bayonets flashing,Nuclear bombs etc.These finances could have been used to empower through education employments,skills up gradation,Incomes,sustainable incomes with NO GREED as of Crony Capitalism in spite of CODE RED been announced and natural calamities Globally famines floods volcano eruption,forest fires,melting ice,desertification,Carbon foot prints increasing exponentially.Apocalypse of Mankind heading for the demise of the homo sapiens & our civilization in history by 2050 at this rate of usurping all material wealth from Mother Earth,Sea,Air etc

  • I will be writing as a Resource shortly as we have some net problems at this hour Dr Glen Martin so kindly pardon me for the same & fully endorse OMNIPOLARITY Seasons Greetings for the coming festivities too all friends & family as Vasudev Kutambh ushering in the New Year with Peace,Harmony,Happiness,Good Health,Respect,Regards,Affection & above all profound LOVE