Provisional World Parliament

        Provisional World Parliament

“Let us raise a standard to which the wise and honest can repair.”
– George Washington

The Provisional World Parliament (PWP) was formed in 1982 under the authority of Article 19 of the Constitution for the Federation of Earth. It held its first session that year at the Royal Pavilion in Brighton, England with some 125 participants from countries around the globe. This historic event was presided over by Sir Chaudhry Mohammad Zefrullah Khan, the former foreign minister of Pakistan who also served as president of the UN General Assembly and later as president of the International Court of Justice.

A total of 15 sessions of the Parliament have been convened in locations around the world:

  • Brighton, England, 1982
  • New Delhi, India, 1985
  • Miami Beach, Florida, 1987
  • Barcelona, Spain, 1996
  • Malta, 2000
  • Bangkok, Thailand, March 2003
  • Chennai, India, December 2003
  • Lucknow, India, 2004
  • Tripoli, Libya, 2006
  • Kara, Togo, 2007
  • Nainital, India, 2009
  • Kolkata, India, 2010
  • Lucknow, India, 2013
  • Kolkata, India, 2015
  • New Delhi, India, December 2021
  • Forthcoming: Pondicherry, India, Fall 2025

PWP delegates have approved some 72 World Legislative Acts (WLAs) that elaborate the spirit and letter of the Earth Constitution. A list of these Acts can be found under “Provisional World Parliament” at

The Provisional World Parliament is the main organ developed to date under the authority of Article 19, which directs the people of Earth to initiate Provisional World Government. Other aspects of the Provisional World Government are being activated, such as the Collegium of World Judges. These other aspects will be working with the Provisional World Parliament to elaborate the infrastructure of a fully democratic world system under the Earth Constitution.

The World Constitution and Parliament Association (WCPA) and the Earth Constitution Institute (ECI) are the custodians of the Provisional World Parliament, organizing for future sessions and preserving the record of its past accomplishments. The current President of the PWP is Dr. Glen T. Martin, who is also President of WCPA and ECI. The next President of the PWP will be elected at the outset of the next session of the Parliament.

How to Participate

Organizations and individuals are welcome to affiliate with the Provisional World Parliament by supporting its work and its mission. We appreciate the support that many people and organizations have given to the development and maintenance of the PWP over the years.

Delegates to the Provisional World Parliament must be either signatories of the Constitution for the Federation of Earth or recognize the Constitution has an appropriate model for a future Earth Federation.

They must represent some group or organization that supports the world peace with justice and sustainability. They are certified as voting delegates when these conditions are met. Observers are also welcome at sessions of the PWP, but may not vote on proposed legislation or resolutions.

The 16th session of the Parliament has been announced for fall of 2025 in Pondicherry, India. It will also be available worldwide online. Details for registration and participation are forthcoming. The call for proposals for World Legislative Acts will also go out soon. New WLA’s must conform to the spirit and letter of the Earth Constitution and our vision of a grand coalition of persons and groups working for democratic world federation. They must not duplicate in whole or part existing provisional World Legislative Acts (found on this website at They may also modify previously existing acts. These proposals must be written in the style and format for legislative drafting as recommended by the Committee for Legislative Review.

One extraordinary and compelling feature of the Earth Constitution is that it allows the people of Earth to begin Provisional World Government even before the Constitution is fully ratified. That is because the world is in crisis, both environmentally and with the on-going threat of nuclear holocaust and more devastating pandemics. We must begin our work now, not wait for the failed UN or the militarized power-crazed nation-states to take unlikely steps to create a decent future for humanity.

Article 19 provides guidelines about what can and should be done. These guidelines include the activation of the Provisional World Parliament (PWP). WCPA is currently drawing up the 1000 World Electoral Districts required for the House of Peoples in the World Parliament and activating people living within various districts to organize their own Election Commissions. These Commissions will not only define the district further, but will institute voter registration with secure, digital on-line voting arrangements so that the people of Earth may begin directly electing their representatives to forthcoming sessions of the Provisional World Parliament. Please stand by and check this website for more on these exciting developments.

The 16th Session of the Provisional World Parliament, scheduled for Pondicherry, India in Fall of 2025, may well have some of its delegates chosen by voting from these World Electoral Districts that are now being developed and organized. Remember that anyone can be a delegate who is signatory to the Constitution or sees the Constitution as a reasonable model for an Earth Federation. Each delegate must represent some constituency, even a small one like a WCPA Chapter. They may also represent an Electoral District. Delegates or observers may also represent a nation, or a UN agency, or a university human rights group. People may attend as official observers without fulfilling the criteria that are set for delegates.

We expect that the 16th session will result on the formation of a permanent Secretariat for provisional world government, and that many of the organizations participating will continue within the Secretariat to promote democratic world law, the end of war, global justice, and environmental sustainability.

The 16th Session, therefore, will be a major world historical event, moving humanity a giant step closer to a just, peaceful, and environmentally sound world system. Please join with us in making this historic step toward a just world system and the rule of global law. Become a member of WCPA, sign the Earth Constitution, contribute your volunteer work or a donation to the cause, and/or become a delegate to the 16th Session of the PWP.

For further information and questions, please contact us.