Planetary Regeneration and Sustainability

Planetary Regeneration and Sustainability

The Earth Constitution movement is deeply committed to creating a regenerated and sustainable world from the ground up. Many articles have been written about the multiple, integrated sustainability features embedded in the Earth Constitution. Indeed, our President, Dr. Glen T. Martin, has written a major book called The Earth Constitution Solution: Design for a Living Planet about the global climate crisis and how the Earth Constitution is designed to deal with this crisis. In addition, the Provisional World Parliament, operating under the authority of the Earth Constitution in its 14 sessions since 1982, has passed many World Legislative Acts (WLAs) directed to restoring the Earth, fighting climate change, and promoting sustainability.

These acts include the creation of a “Global Sustainability Directorate” (GSD) in WLA 65 that unites all the many UN agencies concerned with sustainability under one coordinated umbrella. These acts also include the creation of the Earth Emergency Rescue Administration (EERA) in WLA 6, dedicated to taking effective direct action to restore and protect our planetary environment. This Amendment Bill to WLA 6 is named “Global Grassroots Regeneration and Family Planning.” (All these acts can be found under the “Earth Constitution” tab on this website.)

Without the grassroots participation of people in local communities all around our planet neither restoration nor sustainability can be achieved. The World Parliament, empowered under the Constitution to democratically pass binding legislation for the people of Earth, can pass good laws that reform the current destructive practices of many sovereign nation-states and many multinational corporations. This surely is a necessary feature for a sustainable planet.

Another vital role for the Parliament and the governing agencies of the Earth Federation is to empower the people of Earth from the ground up, to undertake regeneration, restoration, and conversion to complete sustainability. For example, there is an excellent book edited by renowned environmental thinker Paul Hawken, entitled Drawdown: The Most Comprehensive Plan Ever Proposed to Reverse Global Warming (2017). In addition, ECI and WCPA have developed an entire library of such books.

Hawken’s book describes projects now going on worldwide involving regenerative agriculture, reclaiming deserts, freshwater conservation, restoring forests, recycling organic garbage for planet-wide composting, building smart roads to provide solar energy, designing smart buildings, providing inexpensive light-rail transportation, walkable cities, green rooftops, electric cars, conversion to bicycles, developing aqua-culture, permaculture, geothermal energy systems, etc., etc.

All of these projects, and everything else necessary for regenerating our damaged Earth and creating truly sustainable communities will be financed, facilitated, empowered, and spearheaded by the Earth Federation Government. We human beings have the knowledge, technology, and understanding to accomplish all of these things for the entire planet. But without the Earth Constitution, we lack a coordinated public authority to make it happen.

Everything discussed in this book and similar comprehensive environmental guides is of great interest to the Earth Federation Government (today called the “Provisional World Government (PWP)” operating under Article 19 of the Earth Constitution). All these restorative and green initiatives are supported by the PWP. Under the Earth Federation, they will be implemented planetwide through world laws and substantial financial aid. Under the present world-system of competing militarized nation-states, private for-profit banking, and ungovernable multinational corporations, such massive grass-roots empowerment remains impossible. The U.N. Sustainable Development Goals are bound to fail. They may be excellent as goals, but they do not transform the fragmented structure of our world-system to make their actualization possible.

Not only will the Earth Federation engage in public projects around the planet where appropriate and necessary but the Federation government will everywhere support localized private and/or community-based projects. The Constitution specifies that such projects everywhere on Earth can be funded without monetary interest and on behalf of our planetary common good. Local community efforts for restoration and sustainability will be funded and supported everywhere by the Earth Financial Administration (EFA), the Earth Emergency Rescue Administration (EERA), the Institute on World Problems (IOWP) and other organs of the World Federal Authority dedicated to stopping climate collapse and building true sustainability.

We want to be clear that so-called “big government” may indeed necessary: most fundamentally to place a democratic authority representing all of humanity into power above the militarized, warring “sovereign” nation-states and above the lawless multinational corporations. Both of these immense forces are now putting the entire future of humanity in great danger. Only a united humanity that has converted the trillions of dollars now spent on militarization and conflictive “security” systems will be able to effectively reverse global warming and restore a healthy, organic, thriving planet everywhere on Earth.

Nevertheless, the global democratic authority will also be substantially focused on empowering (and protecting) local communities so that these communities can transform their regional environments to complete permaculture, closed-loop economies, healthy prosperous bioregions, regenerated deeply fertile croplands, and democratically run local governing structures. The nations and the corporations will participate in this transformation, of course, but as co-partners with the people of Earth to address our universal human needs for health, education, prosperity, peace, and security.

A lawful and peaceful world system is the only practical way to a regenerated and sustainable Earth. Already, as we mentioned, the Provisional World Parliament has passed many legislative acts directed to restoring and protecting our environment. These complement and elaborate what is already found in the Earth Constitution. A holistically interrelated planet and integrated human civilization requires a holistic planetary design. This is why the Earth Constitution as rightly been called “a design for a living planet.” It brings humanity together within a unity in diversity that creates synergy and global cooperation to rescue our endangered future. Please join us, and if you can, support our work by making a donation through this website and by linking your organization with ours. Only all-together can we achieve real protection of our planetary biosphere.