Peace Pentagon Headquarters

Peace Pentagon Headquarters

The Peace Pentagon: ECI Headquarters in the United States

The Peace Pentagon is an eco-spiritual retreat and training center as well as the U.S. headquarters for the Earth Constitution Institute. It is located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of southwest Virginia and rests along the banks of the ancient New River in Independence, VA.

In this sublime setting, the Peace Pentagon offers state-of-the-art conference facilities managed by The Oracle Institute, a nonprofit organization dedicated to a culture of peace. Since 2012, the Peace Pentagon has hosted numerous events and organizations promoting democratic world federation, world peace, social justice, and conscious evolution.

The Peace Pentagon also serves as an international forum for strategic planning for a peaceful and just world. As the campus continues to develop, the goal is to create a “Peace Room as sophisticated as a War Room” – a phrase used by the late visionary author and futurist Barbara Marx Hubbard. It provides a holistic environment where leaders meet to collaborate on action plans that counterbalance the War Pentagon in northern Virginia.

In addition, the Peace Pentagon HUB is a portal for global action campaigns and Building the New World Conferences which cover every Sector of Society. Built to rigorous European Passivhaus standards, the center has an extremely low carbon footprint which exceeds LEED construction standards in the U.S.