Our History

Our History

“For many years, in the service of humanity and future generations, my personal mission has been to create a decent world for all the Earth’s citizens. It is this process, under the Earth Constitution, to which I have dedicated my life.” ~ Dr. Glen T. Martin, President of ECI and winner of the Gusi Peace Prize International

The Earth Constitution Institute (ECI) was formed in 2003 to build upon the many decades of pioneering work of the World Constitution and Parliament Association (WCPA). The original founder of the WCPA was Philip Isely, a visionary businessman. Isely and his supporters were inspired by a broad-based movement for global cooperation, peacemaking, and world citizenship that emerged in the post-World War II era during the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union.

India Prime Minister Indira Gandhi meets with Dr. Reinhart Ruge, past Co-President of WCPA

In 1958, as the threat of a nuclear war dominated the thoughts of humanity, the World Constitution and Parliament Association (WCPA) was founded by Isely in Denver, Colorado, not only to promote the principle of global governance but to actually create a functioning democratic world government based on a world constitution ratified by the peoples and nations of the world.

In 1968, after a decade of detailed planning as well as extensive correspondence with leaders worldwide, WCPA held held the first World Constituent Assembly–an historic event in the annals of global politics. Two hundred delegates from 27 countries on five continents met in Switzerland and West Germany to begin drafting the Earth Constitution. Over the next two decades, the Earth Constitution was refined by international legal experts at three additional Constituent Assemblies in 1977, 1979, and 1991.

A new era began in 1982 when the first session of a Provisional World Parliament was held in England, with delegates from 25 countries from all continents. This body is described in Article 19 of the Earth Constitution and its initial purpose is to pass world legislative acts as a model and an inspiration for the people and governments of the world. It also acts as an incubator, as it were, for the official World Parliament of the future. The inaugural provisional world legislation passed by this assembly included such issues as global disarmament, economic development, education, ownership of oceans and sea beds, and world courts.

Since then, we have held 14 more sessions of the Provisional World Parliament in such countries as the United States, India, Thailand, Libya, Spain, Malta, and Togo.  These Parliaments passed dozens of additional pieces of legislation. The Parliament also has created the Colegium of World Judges, which provides a forum for judges and justices to speak on behalf of emerging world law under the Earth Constitution.

Today WCPA and ECI are the most distinguished voices for the cause of world government. ECI, together with WCPA and associated organizations of the federation have attracted support from people in nearly every country, including global leaders, luminaries, and social activists. We are creating a world where a federated Earth is more than just an idea, more than a mere dream for some distant future, but a liberating, timely, and emerging reality.

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