Mission Statement of the Earth Constitution Institute

Mission Statement of the Earth Constitution Institute

The Earth Constitution Institute (ECI) is a non-profit educational institute dedicated to educating the people of Earth about the Constitution for the Federation of Earth. This Earth Constitution formally organizes the coming World Parliament and democratic world government according to the principle of unity in diversity. This principle makes clear that our common human future requires an Earth united beyond all national, racial, ideological, ethnic, and religious divisions. In addition, the Constitution is founded on the principle of the holism of all nature and human life. As such, it addresses our most fundamental global problems of peace, justice, sustainability, and freedom from a holistic, integrated, and synergistic perspective. It shows that these problems cannot be solved piecemeal and incrementally. They must be addressed as part of a comprehensive whole. The Earth Constitution gives us that whole.

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The Earth Constitution Institute includes many researchers and thinkers from around the world who investigate the global issues faced by humanity under these principles of unity in diversity and the holism of nature and human beings. We educate the public concerning the results of these investigations. The ECI understands the key role that the Earth Constitution needs to play in establishing a credible future of the Earth with regard to peace, justice, sustainability, and freedom and that none of these goals for humanity can be achieved unless they are all achieved together under the holistic framework provided by the Earth Constitution.

This Constitution is found on our website (www.earthconstitution.world) and in several print editions under its name: Constitution for the Federation of Earth. It has been translated into many languages. Our mission is to promote this Earth Constitution: its study, name recognition, world-wide public awareness, translations into multiple languages, activation of its provisions, and ultimately its ratification by the people and nations of planet Earth. We produce not only scholarly books, articles, and presentations but also popular images and ideas designed to educate people and engage them with supporting this work and increasing public awareness concerning the Earth Constitution.

From its beginnings in 1958, the World Constitution and Parliament Association (WCPA) sponsored the development of the Constitution for the Federation of Earth through a process of many international meetings and worldwide communications. The highlight of this process included four global Constituent Assemblies that took place in 1968, 1977, 1979, and 1991. After 1991, final changes were made and the Constitution was declared ready for ratification by the people of Earth. WCPA worked to promote, implement, and educate the people of Earth about the role that the Constitution must play in creating a decent future for our endangered planet. Beginning in 1982 in Brighton, England, the WCPA began sponsoring a series of Provisional World Parliaments (PWPs) under the authority of the Earth Constitution. Today, sessions of the PWP are sponsored by WCPA and ECI working together.

At that first session of the PWP in 1982, the Graduate School of World Problems was initiated as World Legislative Act number 4, based on the requirement of the Earth Constitution to establish a World University System. Dr. Terence Amerasinghe, international lawyer from Sri Lanka and Co-President of WCPA, was the first Director of the Graduate School whose educational mission was very much the same as that of ECI. In 2003, the work of the Graduate School of World Problems was integrated into then newly created Institute on World Problems (IOWP), the name of which was drawn from Article 8 of the Earth Constitution that calls for an “Institute on Governmental Procedures and World Problems.” Dr. Amerasinghe became President of the IOWP which has held seminars, workshops, and conferences in many countries since that time. Today, this tradition continues under the name of the Earth Constitution Institute. The World Constitution and Parliament Association has now integrated with the Earth Constitution Institute as a partner of ECI.

While the ECI focuses on the educational and research aspect of our mission, WCPA focuses on the implementation and actualization aspect of the mission. Our work is wide-ranging and includes many projects, from seminars and conferences to health care projects to poverty alleviation projects to social media and large, digital group awareness projects. We continue to organize sessions of the Provisional World Parliament. We invite caring people from all backgrounds, nations, and religions to join our family of researchers and activists working to educate, demonstrate, and implement the conditions necessary for a flourishing and prosperous future for humanity on our beautiful planet Earth. The Constitution for the Federation of Earth gives us the model, the blueprint, and the ideal for making this happen.