Lucio Martins Rodrigues

ECI Board of Directors
Lucio Martins Rodrigues, Director

Lucio Martins Rodrigues, a tri-national citizen of the USA, Brazil, and Portugal, was born in Chicago in 1956. Having completed elementary, middle, and high school in the USA, France, and Brazil, he graduated with a BS in Civil Engineering in São Paulo in 1980.

After completing a mini-MBA in international trade, he moved to South Florida in 1981 and founded his first venture, an import-export business that grew to become a distributor of electronic parts and hardware for the emerging technology of the personal computers industry.

Having sold that business in the late 90s, he moved back to São Paulo where he founded another business that ventured into the nutraceutical freeze-drying industry. Lucio moved once again to South Florida in 2009, when he started a career in the finance and Real Estate industry, which led him to manage partnerships that invest in US Real Estate.

Although a natural entrepreneur, since the early 2000s he started investing time in his spirituality and self-development, intuitively becoming a world federalist and a supporter of the Earth Federation movement, which led him to join the Earth Constitution Institute (ECI) as a volunteer in January 2020.

At ECI he is heading up a project to develop secure voting for the people of Earth in preparation for initiating sessions of the Virtual World Parliament.

Contact Information:

Lucio Martins Rodrigues
Brevard, NC 28712