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March 26, 2024
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He shares the moral and spiritual foundations of Christianity, and Martin Luther King and Camilo Torres. Christianity impels him to a personal and collective action in favor of a solidarity society, opposed to capitalism, both in its economic and ideological base. In 2008 he broke with the Catholic Church, due to his counterrevolutionary attitude. He is attracted to Yoga and Buddhism.

Bolivarian. It promotes the Bolivarian philosophy, which places Justice as the queen of republican virtues, with Freedom, Equality, Security and Property derived from it, in the pursuit of General Happiness.

Socialist. He shares the fundamental elements of Marxism and believes in socialism as a socio-political organization capable of bringing the greatest degree of happiness to the majority possible. It shares the values expressed by Mahatma Gandhi on nonviolence and the search for truth, and the ideas and example of Ernesto Che Guevara on a profound revolution centered on the individual with morality as a base.

Chavista. Recognizes Hugo Chávez as the leader of the South who knew how to interpret the best of spirituality, politics and the economy, in a liberation project perfectly adapted to the times.

Internationalist and holist, he believes that we are in a civilizational change that will include, but will transcend, the best of the historical civilizations reached until now.

He believes in a way of doing politics that begins by example, with “Good Leadership”, he believes in a “radiant” politics that is contagious. Therefore, the end cannot justify the means, but the means sublimate the end. He believes that structures shape, ultimately, human behavior, but he also believes that from small to large, and the union of all wills allows to overcome the critical mass that triggers change.

Jesús de Nazaret, Simón Bolívar and Hugo Chávez are his fundamental inspiring leaders.

1978 – 1983          Founder and director of “Civil Society Ezequiel Zamora”, who worked in the rural area of the Zamora Municipality of Miranda State.

1983 – 2007 Founder and director of the Civil Society EL PUEBLO (ASOPUEBLO), of Christian and Bolivarian character, with environmental, cultural, neighborhood, urban and political activities.

2000 Member of the Administrative Board of the Zamora Municipality, as Councilor of the First Bolivarian Municipality of Venezuela, thanks to the intervention process led by the National Constituent Assembly.

1986-1991             President of the House of Culture “Antonio Machado” of Guatire.

1996 – 1998          Secretary General of the Neighborhood Association Villa Heroica Urbanization.

2001 – 2008          Founder and President El Ingenio Zoobotanical Park Foundation: project of the 200 Ha Endogenous Development Nucleus of that name. General Project Coordinator.

1997 – 2005 Co-founder and director of the Anona, Alicia y Estanislaa Social Foundation, a nonprofit Christian institution that fosters solidarity and effective Christian charity, through personalized scholarship programs for humble children.

2002 – 2003 February – April 2002: Co-founder of Petroleros Por Venezuela (ASOPETROLEROS). General secretary. Resistance to the coup d’état and impulse of resistance under the slogan PDVSA DOES NOT STOP. December 2002 – January 2003: Participant in the successful resistance against the oil strike and sabotage.

2004 Candidate for Mayor for the Zamora Municipality of the Miranda State (Guatire – Araira) for the grassroots revolutionary movement: “Revolution within the Revolution”.

  • -2017          Territorial Delegate of the Congress of the Homeland Municipality Zamora, Edo.

2016-2017             Miranda.

Cooperative General Coordinator of Consumption and Production Pueblo Zamorano. 2018- Vice President for Latin America World Constitution and Parliament Association.


A crack in the sky, 2000

Socialism as an Ethical Urgency (triad), 2007

Survival Manual on Earth, 2008

Stop the world that I want to get on, 2019

Articles 1978-2020: Diario La Voz, Guatire en Vivo, Acrópolis, La Entrevista, VEA, Todos Adentro,

Aporrea.org, El Correo del Orinoco etc. Social, political and moral topics. More than 1.000 articles published.