Rev. Laura George

ECI Board of Directors
Rev. Laura M. George, Director

Rev. Laura M. George, J.D. is the Executive director of The Oracle Institute, a 501(c)(3) educational charity located in Independence, Virginia. Oracle serves as an “Advocate for Peace and a Vanguard for Conscious Evolution,” and its formal mission statement is Thomas Jefferson’s Act for Religious Freedom. Oracle operates an award-winning publishing house, a multi-faith spirituality school, and a peacebuilding practice. See:

Oracle is a “spiritual think-tank” that studies the nexus between religion, politics, and the evolution of consciousness. Laura is a prominent supporter of the Earth Constitution, which is featured at Oracle’s Building the New World Conferences. See:

Currently, Laura is overseeing completion of the Peace Pentagon, which is located on Oracle’s 23-acre campus along the ancient New River. The Peace Pentagon is the U.S. headquarters for Oracle and the Earth Constitution Institute. The building also serves as a training and retreat center for progressive and pluralistic programs. See:

Laura also is the founder of the Valley of Light micro-community and Oracle Temple, an esoteric church. Laura often writes about the “Trickle-Down Deity Theory,” which posits that mankind’s view of the Godhead necessarily defines all cultural experience. Oracle’s icon is the Pentacle, which represents the emerging Fifth Spiritual Paradigm and the potential for unity among the five major religions (Hinduism, Judaism, Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam).

In addition to serving as President of Oracle Institute Press and publishing the works of other outstanding authors, Laura penned Oracle’s award-winning foundational trilogy: The Truth: About the Five Primary Religions (2006); The Love: Of the Fifth Spiritual Paradigm (2010); and The Light: And the New Human (due 2021).  

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Rev. Laura M. George, J.D.

The Oracle Institute
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