Kolkata Declaration of the 14th Session PWP

May 4, 2024
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Declaration of the 14th session of Parliament

We participants in the 14th session of the Provisional World Parliament stand in astonishment before a world apparently in the process of disintegration and self-destruction.

  •  Climate disruption is wreaking havoc everywhere on Earth.
  • The ice caps and glaciers are melting and ocean levels rising.
  • Ocean fisheries are collapsing and prime agricultural lands are fast disappearing from the Earth.
  • Forests are disappearing and phytoplankton in the oceans as well (which constitute «the lungs  of the Earth»).
  • Meanwhile the nations of the world spend some 1.7 trillion dollars a year on militarism and war.
  • The United States alone, spending nearly half of this sum, actively impedes conversion to peace and sustainability and has destroyed stable governments in country after country through its imperial policies: from Yugoslavia to Afghanistan to Iraq to Sudan to Libya to Yemen to Syria: the list of destroyed nations, involving untold millions of refugees and civilian deaths, goes on and on.
  • The environments of all these countries and more has been significantly destroyed through wars and social chaos, and their capacity for converting to sustainability is becoming practically nil.

       We participants in the 14th session of the World Parliament stand appalled at the levels of ignorance, hate, fear, and violence worldwide led by the sovereign nation-states, multinational corporations, banking conglomerates such as the World Bank and the IMF, and their lackeys within the United Nations. 

       We call upon all decent people worldwide to rise up in affirmation of the Constitution for the Federation of Earth and the fulfillment of our genuine human potential for truth, compassion, love, justice, and harmony with one another and our planetary environment.  There appears to be little time left for decisive action.   We call upon all decent people across the globe to engage in a worldwide campaign for awareness of the Earth Constitution as our best option, our only realistic hope, and our only viable alternative to the decent into perdition, dystopia, and planetary destruction.

       We call upon all residents of Earth to participate in the measured direct popular referendum regarding the Earth Constitution, described in part by the Guideline Call adopted by this 14th Session of World Parliament. 

       We call upon all people to affirm for the United Nations to merge under the constitutional limits of the Constitution for the Federation of Earth as prescribed in this 14th session of the Parliament.

      We call upon all people to affirm the Global Sustainability Directorate established at this 14th session.

       Let us draw upon the creative foundations of the universe for the wisdom, courage, and strength to place the Earth Constitution before the people of Earth before it is too late.  We issue this declaration in peace and hope, with heavy yet determined hearts, on behalf of all humankind and for our precious Earth.  We proclaim with one voice that this Earth Constitution embodies the most viable path to any decent human future.