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**Ken Wilber on integral world governance (interview in 2021)


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Byron Belitsos

Byron Belitsos, inaugural member of the Integral Institute,
lifelong world federalist activist, and author of One World Democracy 

In dialogue with: Dr. Glen Martin 

Dr. Glen Martin

Dr. Martin is professor of philosophy and chair emeritus of the Peace Studies Program at Radford University in Virginia, and president of the World Constitution and Parliament Association and the Earth Constitution Institute (ECI), both sponsors of the Constitution for the Federation of Earth. Dr. Martin has received several international peace awards and is author or editor of thirteen books, including The Earth Constitution Solution: Design for a Living Planet (2021). Martin’s blog is found at

Saturday May 25 at noon EST

Our planetary crises increase daily. Brutal wars in Gaza, Ukraine, and elsewhere rage while the global climate collapses, making whole regions uninhabitable and causing many thousands to attempt migration in hope of survival. Meanwhile “battlefield ready” nuclear weapons continue to be developed by the great powers and, as I am write this, are close to be deployed by Russia. World citizens aware of these facts understand that we must foster the transition beyond the failed United Nations to a new era of constitutional global democracy, doing so as rapidly as possible. And this urgent mission especially entails rallying the leadership of integralists around the world.

In the light of this situation, the World Constitution and Parliament Association (WCPA) and the Earth Constitution Institute (ECI) have expanded the Sixteen Session of the Provisional World Parliament (PWP) to include global participation by concerned world citizens and organizations who do not necessarily exclusively advocate the Constitution for the Federation of EarthThis Session of the PWP (taking place in Pondicherry, India, and online, on December 7–10 2025) will be inclusive, broadly based, and truly historic. From its participants, the PWP will elect a Presidium for the Parliament, as well as electing other persons to a number of other offices.

The Parliament will conclude with the commencement of a permanent Secretariat for Provisional World Government operating under the authority of Article 19 of the Earth Constitution. People chosen at the Parliament will be in charge of the Provisional World Government whose mission will be to provide leadership for peoples and nations around the world to mobilize for democratic world government. Part of their effort will be to encourage every nation to establish a ministry for global government, forming in this way a group of nations who can come together to consider a global democratic framework for the Earth. In this way an emerging global governance regime embodied in the permanent Secretariat will have institutional and authoritative credibility with participation from a broad spectrum of world federalist groups, nations, and peace leaders.

We are organizing a series of online and in-person events preliminary to PWP 16 that we invite all interested parties to attend. Please become a subscriber at this link to learn more about these important events. 

Over the course of this World Democracy Campaign, as we call it, our intention is to bring in as many concerned groups and persons of leadership as possible who will together make PWP16 a turning point in world history.  We need to found a Provisional World Government following upon PWP16 that provides a global voice and leadership for converting our planet to global democracy. We see that there are many compelling voices out there and we would like to magnify their capacity to speak to the people of Earth through providing the mechanism of Provisional World Government founded under the authority of the Earth Constitution.

Please join in this effort to magnify all our voices and really get the word out globally concerning the need to deal with our planetary crises through establishing global democracy. Only together can we really make this happen.

Dr. Glen T. Martin,  President

(On behalf of the Board of Trustees of WCPA and ECI)