Evolutionary Growth and a Quantum Leap for Humanity

October 21, 2022
Category: e-Learning

The Earth Constitution brings each of us to the leading tip of evolutionary growth both for ourselves and for humanity. If you search online for themes such as “new humanity” or “human renaissance” or “new earth” or “new human being” or “new earth future,” you will find many organizations and websites speaking in inspiring ways about empowering humanity for transformation and growth toward world citizenship, planetary consciousness, and self-realization.

Many of these movements are wonderful and very inspiring.  We should all be growing toward a planetary consciousness that at the same time is the actualization of our own higher human possibilities. But one of the reasons for the popularity of these movements is that they lack concrete specificity. They have some vague notion that through self-realization humanity will become loving enough to transcend the evils of capitalism and greed (such as extreme poverty for the many and astronomical riches for the few) as well as the evils of violence and war (and the terrible threat of nuclear holocaust).

They imply that war would end, and people would begin living on Earth in peaceful communities of cooperation and coherence.  These are wonderful thoughts.  But, again, only vague notions with no concrete ways that people can implement then on a planetary scale.  These movements believe that the Earth’s ecosystem can be preserved if only we have enough people with “planetary awareness” who want to live in harmony with nature’s balances.  Again, wonderful thoughts with only vague notions as to how this might be possible.

The World Constitution and Parliament Association (WCPA) and Earth Constitution Institute (ECI) agree with the need for spiritual, moral, and cognitive growth.  This is wonderful.  But without a concrete plan for transforming our broken world-system into one of democracy, unity in diversity, and global coherence, humanity will not prevail over the threats of global war, climate collapse, and ever-greater disparity between rich and poor. The Earth Constitution is community-based, empowering local communities through 1000 World Electoral Districts worldwide.

That is the role of the Constitution for the Federation of Earth.  It lays out in concrete, brilliantly conceived, detail how we can govern ourselves with bottom-up democracy, unity in diversity, and global coherence. It shows how we can end war, protect the ecosystem of Earth, and create planetary social justice. This is what is truly special about WCPA and ECI.  We have concrete answers, not just vague ideals.  The ideals are wonderful and good, but without a concrete, practical plan for transformation they remain just that: vague ideals that will not save our planet.  In everything you do, please support the Earth Constitution and our global work.  Our ideals must have a concrete transformative focus if they are to succeed. The Earth Constitution is that focus.