ECI Longterm Projects

ECI Longterm Projects

Earth Constitution Institute (ECI) and
World Constitution & Parliament Association (WCPA)


(1) WCPA converts from a membership organization to an organization registering “Global Citizens” within their respective 1000 World Districts.

See “What you can do” for how to participate.


(2) The 16th Session of the

LOCATION: Pondicherry, India
DATES: September-October 2023. Specifics to be announced soon.

The Provisional World Parliament (PWP) is an international body that meets under the authority of Article 19 of the Constitution for the Federation of Earth. Even prior to ratification under Article 17, the People of Earth are empowered by the Earth Constitution to begin a provisional World Government.

The 15th Session of the Provisional World Parliament is a historic event. The prior 14 Sessions were assembled in various countries between 1982 and 2015. The 15th Session brought humanity even closer to global democracy, peace, justice, and sustainability.

Representatives of countries, NGOs, and advocacy groups attended as either Delegates or Observers. This Parliament session was held in hybrid mode due to pandemic restrictions in New Delhi.

Delegates to the Parliament must be personal signatories to the Earth Constitution and represent a constituency, nation, or embassy. They also may be elected from the World Electoral District in which they reside. Observers may participate as moderated by the Chairperson of the Provisional World Parliament.

The Committee for Legislative Review is calling for World Legislative Proposals (or amendments to existing World Legislative Acts). Beginning immediately, interested prospective delegates are welcome to propose legislation through this committee. All legislative proposals to the PWP must:

  • Conform to the spirit and letter of the Earth Constitution.
  • Not duplicate existing World Legislative Acts in whole or in part.
  • Be written in the appropriate language of legislative drafting.
  • Receive approved from the Committee for Legislative Review to be considered.

For more information, contact Dr. Glen Martin:

Registration information for the 16th session, to be held in Pondicherry, India, in the spring of 2023, is forthcoming.


Download PDF of the announcement.

(3) Announcing the 16th Session of the Provisional World Parliament to be held in Pondicherry, India, hosted by the government of Pondicherry (details forthcoming).