Earth Federation Model

Earth Federation Model

The Earth Constitution Institute (ECI) envisions a federated government for all the nations and people of Earth. This model is more robust and comprehensive than treaty-based institutions such as the United Nations, which is not democratic and lacks necessary enforcement powers.

Like any well-designed and legitimate government, the Earth Constitution must achieve popular support. The document’s guiding principles include: separation of powers, representative democracy, the rule of law, and a guarantee of universal human rights and freedoms. Our model was carefully developed and refined over a period of decades by experts in political science, constitutional law, international relations, administrative and judicial theories, and other relevant fields.

World Parliament

This global legislative body is comprised of three Houses:

  • House of Peoples — with 1,000 electoral districts representing the people of each geographical region.
  • House of Nations — one, two, or three delegates from each of the world’s nation-states, based on population, preserving their identity and integrity in the global community of nations.
  • House of Counselors — 200 scholars and experts elected from around the world, representing humanity as a whole and its greatest thought-leaders.

World Executive, Administration, and Integrative Complex

The World Executive is led by a Presidium of five persons elected by and responsible to the Parliament, one from each continent, consisting of a rotating President and four Vice Presidents. The Executive has no military power and no power to veto the decisions of Parliament or to suspend the Constitution.

The World Administration is composed of about 30 departments, each headed by a Cabinet Minister or Vice President and coordinated by a Secretary General chosen by the Presidium and confirmed by the Cabinet.

The Integrative Complex coordinates all agencies of government. It includes agencies for World Civil Service, Boundaries and Elections, Institute on Governmental Procedures and World Problems, Research and Planning, Technological and Environmental Assessment, the World Financial Administration, and Legislative Review.

World Judiciary, Law Enforcement, and Ombudsmus

The World Judiciary is comprised of eight specialized judicial benches having mandatory jurisdiction over different kinds of issues, with five continental seats.

The Collegium of World Judges is elected by Parliament, headed by a council of five members which assigns highly qualified judges to the several benches.

The Law Enforcement System consists of a non-military police force headed by an Office of World Attorneys General and a commission of twenty Regional World Attorneys, elected by and removable by Parliament.

The World Ombudsmus is an agency devoted to protecting human rights and ensuring proper government functioning, headed by a council of five World Ombudsmen and a commission of twenty Regional World Advocates, all elected by the Parliament.

This balanced and comprehensive system can provide a much-needed federal government for all humanity, based on the most advanced principles of parliamentary democracy with checks and balances to prevent abuses of power.

Under the Earth Constitution, the people of Earth are integrated within a global governing system designed to deal with planetary problems and achieve justice, peace, prosperity, ecological sustainability, and protection of human rights. The central agencies of the Federation, as the Mandala shows, are structured as councils of five leaders, one from each continental division, who rotate as president of their respective agencies. The 7 agencies of the Integrative Complex and 28 departments of the World Administration, staffed by professionals from the global civil service, bring order, intelligence and cooperation into all global processes. The House of Nations and the experts in the House of Counselors bring unity in diversity to uniting all nations and peoples in the process of governing our precious planet Earth.

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