E.P. Menon

ECI Board of Directors
E.P. Menon, Director

E.P. Menon is an author and peace activist. Born in Kerala, India, in 1934. After High School education, joined a national research institute for 2 yeas to conduct study on the land reform issue. After that, joined the land gift movement for legal land reform and redistribution to landless farmers. Worked for 3 years. Then set up a center for social action and world peace at Bangalore, India.

From June 1962 to 1965, initiated and conducted a global peace march on foot along with another friend, from New Delhi to Moscow, Paris, London, Washington, Tokyo and Hiroshima, protesting all militarism around the world and demanding nuclear disarmament to begin with, from all nations of the world. Then wrote a book about those experiences titled Footprints on Friendly Roads.

In 1967, joined the Friends World College as a Faculty Member and later served as Director for South Asian Center of FWC, altogether for 21 years.

After that, set up India Development Foundation for giving education and self-reliance training to poor women and youth of India to become dedicated social activists. This involvement was for 22 years.

In the meantime, associated with several national and international peace organisations such as Gandhi Peace Foundation, Indo-Soviet Cultural Society, India-Pakistan Friendship Society, World Federalist Movement, Japanese Society for Abolition of War and Nuclear Weapons, World Council of Peace, WCPA, etc.

In between, wrote and published the following books:

  • Silent Storms
  • Seven Hours to Dawn
  • Rasila’s Resolution
  • Hopes and Hell-Holes in the Empire
  • Jerry in My Dreams
  • Cellphone Toone Kya Kiya?
  • Leaves from My Bangalore Diary