Become a Global Citizen

Become a Global Citizen

Declaration of Global Citizenship


At the Earth Constitution Institute (ECI) and the World Constitution and Parliament Association (WCPA), we are building a New World — a world of freedom, peace, and prosperity for all. ECI understands that our highest human values organically flow from the collective consciousness. Most of humanity has reached a pluralistic perspective and inclusive worldview. Today, the People of Earth are ready to support Universal Citizenship and a plan for Global Democratic Governance.

Yet, Global Unity is blocked by the outdated institutions that dominate our world. Most governments militarize their countries and use force to mediate conflict. They submit to an economic system that demands limitless growth and the exploitation of workers. And they do little to protect our planet. This wilful and wanton carnage must stop.

ECI believes the Earth Constitution will unite Humanity. Its democratic structure rejects the dark version of globalization known as “One World Order.” That plan divides humanity into “haves” and “have nots.” That plan is supported by corrupt governments, multinational corporations, and degraded souls who seek to control and enslave us.


We Unite as Global Citizens. Evolution has led us to this pregnant point in human history. We must either birth a New World now … or die trying.

The Earth Constitution is based on the principle of Unity in Diversity. Adhering to this principle provides protection to all nations and all people, regardless of gender, race, religion, color, or culture. We are all Citizens of Earth.

We are Revolutionaries for Human Liberation. Only fundamental change away from dominator institutions to global democracy can create a positive future for humanity. Only organized, non-violent, direct action can accomplish the change we seek.

We also are Evolutionaries. We believe most of humanity already has embraced a higher set of moral ethics. These universal values include reverence for planet Earth and all her inhabitants. And these values demand radical institutional transformation.

Einstein said that problems cannot be solved on the same level that caused them. Under our present system of endless war and corporate greed, human growth is blocked. Planetary unity and system-wide change is the higher-level order we need to address the problems which impact our collective future, existential threats such as nuclear war, expansionist aggression, climate change, and vast disparities in wealth.  

People in The Earth Constitution Movement hail from all walks of life: farmers, scientists, laborers, educators, students, entrepreneurs, and even former military personnel. We come from many spiritual perspectives with both believers and atheists uniting for a peaceful, prosperous world. We come from varied political perspectives, some socialists, some environmentalists, some humanists, and some conservatives. Yet everyone in our movement is committed to ecological, ethical, and cultural transformation.

Our vision necessarily impacts powerful interests that will oppose our movement. Those with unjust privilege will be affected, and those in power will use all their resources to oppose us. But they won’t succeed.

We will employ the non-violent methodologies of other revolutionaries, like:  


    • Jesus, the Jewish reformer who confronted the Pharisees and labeled them hypocrites;

    • Emmeline Pankhurst, the British suffragette who founded the Women’s Social and Political Union and went to jail repeatedly for her noble cause;

    • Mahatma Gandhi, who freed India of colonial domination through a mass noncooperation movement;

    • Martin Luther King, Jr., a Nobel Peace Prize laureate who peaceably led the Civil Rights Movement in the U.S. despite violent retaliation; and

    • Nelson Mandela, another Nobel Peace Prize winner, who skillfully undermined the racist apartheid system in South Africa.

Love of humanity guides all our actions. We possess the “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakamof Hinduism, the tzedakah of Judaism, the karuna of Buddhism, the agape of Christianity, the zakat of Islam, the munay of South American natives, and the solidarity of atheists. And we endorse Satyagraha — the word Gandhi coined to represent clinging to truth and our common humanity.

In addition, our Movement has these Strategic Advantages:


    • First, the people of Earth are aware of the institutional corruption.

    • Second, we exceed the critical mass needed for our movement.

    • Third, the dominator systems are internally weak and unsustainably corrupt, which will cause the system to collapse under its own weight.

The Earth Constitution will commence a New Age. It will be the Fifth Great Age that follows the: 

(i) Advent of Language and Writing;
(ii) Age of Agriculture;
(iii) Industrial Age; and
(iv) Digital Era. 

This Fifth Great Age constitutes a new story — one that unites us and encourages us to work together as a planetary team for the first time in human history.

Under the Earth Constitution, Human Rights are guaranteed to All. Nations will maintain the right to self-determination, but the world will be federated and will transcend the fragmented territorial map that divides and dominates us. Earth will be honored, peace will prevail, and economic prosperity will be attainable for all World Citizens.


As empowered Global Citizens, we ratify the Earth Constitution. And we pledge to support this global grassroots movement to establish a federated and democratic world government — a holistic vision for the People of Earth — All of us Free, All of us Equal, and All of us United in our common destiny.

Become the Change you want to see in the World.
Declare your Global Citizenship and Sign the Earth Constitution!

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