About WCPA

About WCPA

WCPA conference in Pune, India, 2016

The World Constitution and Parliament Association (WCPA) was founded in 1958 and sponsored the drafting and refinement of the Earth Constitution during the latter half of the 20th Century. Today, WCPA promotes its ratification by the people and nations of Earth.

WCPA is the organizing arm of the Earth Constitution Institute (ECI), and it implements the vision and values of the Earth Constitution by developing the Provisional World Parliament, World Electoral Districts, and local WCPA chapters. Throughout its history, WCPA has sponsored World Parliament sessions. Together ECI and WCPA promote democratic world government through dissemination of books and educational materials and participation in international conferences.

The Earth Federation Movement

WCPA and ECI are a worldwide organizations working with purpose and passion for global peace, justice, freedom, and sustainability. We are widely affiliated with human rights, environmental, and peace organizations. We are dedicated to the Earth Federation Movement and committed to shifting the paradigm and transforming our planetary future.

Members of WCPA actively contribute to building a democratic world government. We arenot content with mere theories and ideals, and we cannot wait for existing governments and international institutions to take action. Therefore, we are showing the way forward ourselves through the power of grassroots activism.

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