To all friends of ECI and WCPA:

Tomorrow is World Democracy Day, September 15. And on September 20 the United Nations General Assembly commences its “High-level Week,” where world leaders will convene summits on sustainability and climate. As we all know, these proceedings will be woefully inadequate to the task at hand. 


We believe the Earth Constitution Institute holds the key for the only adequate solution. For our part, we are announcing the historic launch of World Electoral Districts (WEDs) on Saturday, September 16, at 1pm ET. As you are aware, when the world’s people activate the Earth Constitution, these units of the coming world government will one day replace the General Assembly with a genuine global democracy.  


And that’s why we want all of you to be present on Saturday. As a result, we are converting the Gala Fundraiser into a general public meeting, open to all. Yes, we will also ask for donations and we appreciate those who have purchased tickets.  


Here is the link for our meeting, to be held at 1pm ET this coming Saturday. We look forward to seeing you soon! Fyi, just below is our press release.

Meeting ID: 227 074 3911 •  Find your local number:


In solidarity,

The promotion team at ECI


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Join us online at 1pm EDT, September 16 at 1pm EDT

At this online event, we initiate the 

historic effort to launch World Voting Districts


Featured Speakers:
Glen T. Martin, PhD, 

Roger Kotila, PhD,  

Rev. Laura George, JD

David Gallup, JD

Sponsor: Earth Constitution Institute 

Co-Sponsors: Democratic World Federalists 

and Peace Pentagon    

Mark your calendar: September 16, 1pm–2:30pm EDT 

Obtain your ticket now!


• $20 for students & those overseas 

• $50 for general admission to event

• $100 to also receive Dr. Martin’s book  

• $250 to also get seminar with Dr. Martin

• $500 to also join our exclusive Donor’s Circle 

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