“The future demands a federation of free nations.”

— Mahatma Gandhi

The Earth Constitution replaces the

present chaotic world order with a democratic

global government of, by, and for the world’s people.

Because of its outdated charter, the United Nations has largely failed in its noble mission. As a result, humanity is now in a race against time. Our very survival cries out for a constitutional global government that is able to abolish war, protect our fragile planet, guarantee personal freedoms, and reflect the sovereign will of the world’s people. The Earth Constitution Institute invites you to join us today to achieve these goals through the vehicle of the Earth Constitution, a superb document completed in 1991. We work daily for the establishment of a constitutional federation of nations that includes such as features as worldwide elections to a world parliament, a global bill of rights, a world judiciary, individual accountability before global law, and strict safeguards against tyranny—all made possible by a global constitution now in the process of being ratified by the world’s people and nations. Sign up here to receive our monthly updates and more. See our webpage en español: https://constitucionmundial.com.

A distinguished history that began in 1958

ECI President Dr. Glen Martin
is awarded the Gusi Peace Prize.

For over 60 years, ECI and its sister organization, the World Constitution and Parliament Association (WCPA), have been leaders in the cause of creating a democratic world federation. Our many successes are due to the fervent support of two generations of prominent scholars, jurists, statesmen, scientists, religious leaders, and political activists worldwide. The earliest years of the movement were led by such luminaries as Albert Einstein, John Steinbeck, Bertrand Russel, Albert Camus, and Mahatma Gandhi.

Our first generation was led by Philip Isely, a visionary American businessman who became the founder of the World Constitution and Parliament Association (WCPA). Beginning in the late 1950s, Isely and other leading public figures convened a series of four World Constituent Assemblies attended by delegates from over fifty nations. Isely and his supporters then selected a group of 25 jurists and experts in international law whose lengthy deliberations between 1968 and 1991 led to the presentation of the Constitution for the Federation of Earth. These years of effort provided a comprehensive framework for launching a democratic federal world government, and also detailed a series of concrete steps required for the implementation of the new Constitution that are explained at this website.

During the second generation, ECI joined forces with the World Constitution and Parliament Association to become ECI/WCPA. We convened a series of Provisional World Parliaments with delegates from around the world. These meetings, first held in 1982, passed provisional legislation to show the way for humanity. We are now preparing for the Sixteenth Session of the Provisional World Parliament, to be held in Pondicherry, India in 2025.

Mural depicting global cultures

More than just talk—constructive action!

Under the Earth Constitution (EC), the world’s people will elect a House of Peoples composed of representatives from 1,000 World Electoral Districts (known as WEDs). This House is the grassroots element of the emerging democratic world government. The large size of the House of Peoples contrasts with the other two houses of the tri-cameral World Parliament: The House of Nations consists of one, two, or three representatives from each member nation, and the House of Counselors seats a total of 200 distinguished world citizens elected from twenty world administrative regions.

The Provisional World Parliament (PWP) is the incubator of what will ultimately become the House of Peoples. The World Electoral Districts now being organized on every continent are the forerunners of the emerging world democracy, and you are heartily invited to convene a DEW in your region. The PWP is also empowered to elaborate the Earth Constitution; accordingly, legislation passed by previous meetings of the PWP refines our understanding of the proper functions of WEDs and many other features of the future world federal government.

ECI and WCPA are committed to the vision of a united world. The Earth Constitution offers a step-by-step plan to turn our vision into an effective system of enforceable democratic world law. Everyone in the world is invited to co-create and participate in this plan. Please join us! Sign up here to receive our monthly updates and more.

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The Sixteenth Session of the Provisional World Parliament
will be held in Pondicherry, India in 2025; details are forthcoming
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